Samsung Cell Phone Sales Reach Higher Than 300 Million Units In 2011

Thanks to its recent success in the Google Android Smartphone market electronics manufacturer Samsung has announced the sale of more than 300 million cell phones in 2011. According to the company they surpassed that milestone by the end of November.

If those numbers hold up that would mean that the company has easily surpassed their 2010 milestone of 280 million units sold.

Speaking of their successes the company pointed to the Samsung Galaxy S II which offers a dual-core processor on a 4.3-inch display with a Google Android powered OS. The Galaxy S II managed to sell more than 10 million Smartphones in the first five months on the market.

Feeling confident about the company’s successes mobile group president JK Shin said they hoped on “extending this success” in 2012. Samsung could meet his expectations once the faster and more robust Samsung Galaxy S III is revealed.

In the meantime a recent breakdown of smartphone sales in the United States shows Apple and Samsung in a near dead heat although those numbers could change once Apple reveals overall sales numbers for the iPhone 4S.

Are you a fan of the Samsung Galaxy line of devices or do you think Apple wins the Smartphone battle hands down?