Toddler Sees Twins For The First Time, Not Sure What To Make Of It! [Video]

So, its time for another baby video! This one, uploaded to YouTube less than 24 hours ago, is fast moving up the popularity charts — and rightly so! We never get tired of these adorably cute baby videos! What’s happening in this one, you might ask?

Well, what happens when a set of identical twins walk in to a room? You feel confused, dazed, and in most likelihood would look at both of them alternatively, right? Turns out, babies would do the same thing — as seen in this video. The video features a toddler named Landon who is seen seated between two girls — identical twins, reports NY Daily News. They look the same, are wearing similar dresses and also share identical hair bands. All this has left little Landon visibly perplexed. He seems unsure what to make of this spectacle.

Thankfully for him, one of the twins is crying — which sort of makes it obvious that the two indeed are separate babies and that he is not looking at mirror images. The video clip is all of 31 seconds long — but is long enough to have been watched over 700,000 times at the time of writing this article. Perhaps the most adorable moment in the video is when Landon stops looking at the twin babies and stares at the person holding the camera — as if to ask him what’s happening here. Quite a natural reaction, if I may add!

Baby sees twins for the first time

The video was posted by folks from over at Rumble Viral — a platform for sharing viral videos. They have not specified the location where the video was shot — nor the identities of the babies shown in the clip. In fact, the only thing we know about the kid is the name of the confused toddler — Landon. That said, it is also likely that Landon could just be an assumed name.

[Image via YouTube]