Bond Cars Stolen: Film-Makers Shaken AND Stirred By Pricey Theft

Recent reports confirm that a group of custom-made James Bond cars were stolen from the Range Rover headquarters in Neuss, Germany.

The Bond cars were meant to be featured in the new movie Spectre, which sees Daniel Craig once more return to play Agent 007.

Apparently the Bond cars were stolen in October.

The situation was only very recently made public when the story first broke by way of WirtschaftsWoche, a German newspaper.

When NBC News reached out for additional details, a company representative for Jaguar Land Rover Germany refused to comment.

Said the spokesperson, “The theft of the vehicles in Neuss is part of an ongoing police investigation and we therefore cannot provide any further detail.”

What has since been revealed is that nine luxury vehicles in all were stolen, with five of them meant to be shipped to the Alps to feature in the next Bond film.

The total value of the cars stolen is said to be approximately $1 million.

Fortunately for James Bond, the spy will have his beautiful silver Aston Martin at his immediate disposal. The luxury car was dubbed the DB10 and will be the official Bond vehicle of choice in Spectre.

The vehicle was unveiled during a publicity event for Spectre.

As for the stolen cars, although Land Rover UK declared the theft a “criminal matter,” there doesn’t seem as if the criminals responsible for making off with the pricey vehicles will be apprehended in the near future.

The German police are said to have no leads in the theft.

This revelation is but the latest bit of bad news attached to the Spectre film and Sony Pictures, the distribution partner.

Thanks to an ongoing leak, it was revealed that the upcoming Bond movie is set to be one of the most expensive movies ever made.

According to a memo from the president of MGM studios (which owns Sony), Spectre may end up costing Sony at least $300 million. Although drastic budget cuts pushed the intended cost back to $250 million, it’s acknowledged as more expensive than Skyfall, the previous James Bond movie.

It’s highly likely that the cost of replacing the stolen vehicles will not help budget issues.

[Image Credit: Fresh Movie Trailers]