As Katie Price’s 32G Breasts Shrink To 32C, Scientists Analyze Boob Size Traits [Video]

Katie Price built her modeling career around the size of her breasts. Going by the philosophy that bigger is better, Price underwent seven different operations, with her first boob job when she was only 20 years old, and, at one point, going up to a 32G. But now, 16 years later, Katie decided that toting around 32DD breasts had taken its toll on her body. So the mother of five underwent a breast reduction surgery that resulted in 32C cleavage, reports the Daily Mail.

Price posted her pride in her new chest size with a photo.

“Absolute love my new boobs… So now I can shoot my new calendar with new boobs.”

Katie even authored a book about her history that featured her breast expansion. She traces her desire to have larger breasts to her school days.

“I always wanted bigger boobs, even when I was at school. When I first started modelling, I felt quite self-conscious about their size. I thought that I looked flat chested and not as sexy as the other girls on the glamour circuit.”

Although Price had several subsequent operations, she attempted to let go of her obsession when she began a relationship with Dane Bowers. The Another Level singer warned her that he would leave her if she decided to enlarge her breasts again. But when the relationship ended, Katie felt free to continue.

“He [Dane] said there was no way I was having another boob job and that if I did he’d leave me. So when we did break up I thought, right then, there’s no one to stop me now.”

Then, when Katie met husband Peter Andre on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, she opted for her initial breast reduction, which resulted in going from 32G to a 32F. She also landed a multi-million dollar deal to design lingerie, for which she credited her still-generously sized breasts.

After her last operation, Price declined to say whether she will stop having breast surgeries. She even described her most recent experience as a gift to herself.

“I am having another boob job, it’s my Christmas present to myself.”

So what do these different breast sizes reveal about Katie Price, according to scientists who have analyzed the link between breast size and personality traits? Medical Daily reports that psychologists and other scientists have discovered that women with extremely large breasts or asymmetrical breasts are more apt to experience eating disorders and body image problems.

“”[It] is truly a condition which has lasting psychological and emotional effects, says Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, editor-in-chief of the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.”

But don’t assume that larger breasts means a lower IQ, caution University of Chicago researchers. They discovered that women with average size and large breasts scored higher than those with extra-small sizes.

For Jane Fonda, larger breasts mean more fun as the Inquisitr reported. Given the opportunity to wear enormous fake boobs for a film recently, Fonda exalted in the joy of experimenting with them.

I wish I had t**s like that for real! Took hours to put them on — they were made of silicone. People treat you different when you are like that. It was fun.

[Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images]