Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper In Butt Prank Hits Prankster Boyfriend [Vid]

Watch a girlfriend’s “pepper sprayed toilet paper on butt prank,” a hilarious video showing the painful revenge of a woman determined to win an ongoing prank war with her prankster boyfriend.

But after watching the reaction of the boyfriend to his girlfriend’s pepper sprayed toilet paper prank, many viewers feel she might have taken the prank war with her boyfriend too far.

The video begins with the girl talking to the camera, giggling mischievously, as she explains that she was sick of her boyfriend’s ceaseless pranks and that “today it will be my revenge.”

The video shows her pepper spraying her boyfriend’s toilet paper with the strongest spray she could get, smiling devilishly in anticipation of the sweet moment of revenge. She then proceeds to set up cameras, one in the lounge and another by the toilet door, to catch his reaction when he finally visits the toilet.

And she did not have to wait too long. The boyfriend returns home and soon must heed the call of nature.

The boyfriend, whose name is Cenek, soon emerges from the toilet, moaning, hobbling in pain and clutching at his bum cheeks as he agonizes over the pain from within the folds of the embonpoints of his behind. He finally collapses in pain on the floor, inquiring repeatedly as his girlfriend shrieks with laughter like a fiend, “What is it? What did you put in there? It burns.”

Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper In Butt Prank
Pepper Spray Prank

Being a prankster himself, he realizes that he has fallen victim to an extreme prank; and his girlfriend later explains that she pepper sprayed his toilet paper.

‘What kind of prank is this?’

‘It’s payback time!’

It is clear that Cenek fails to see the funny side of his girlfriend’s pepper sprayed toiler paper prank although we know he is a prankster himself.

But while he writhes and moans helplessly on the floor, his girlfriend focuses a camera on him, and when he realizes that he is being filmed, he cries, “Don’t film me. Go away!”

When his girlfriend continues filming, he crawls like a wounded reptile into the wardrobe to escape the camera.

It appears for a moment that the girlfriend regrets her action. She goes to the fridge and brings her boyfriend some ice cubes to help ease the burning pain, saying, “It will help. I didn’t know it would be that bad.”

At first, the poor guy is suspicious of his girlfriend’s sudden transformation from tormentor to helper. He asks cautiously, “do you think it will help?”

But when Cenek applies the ice cubes to his sore point he finds that they only worsen the pain. It is only after he complains of the worsening pain that his girlfriend tells him that she also sprayed the ice cubes with pepper.

She even has the nerve to rebuke him, saying he shouldn’t “overract.”

Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper
Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper Prank

Now at the mercy of a lover turned tormentor, he flees to the shower where she continues filming as he tries to relieve his suffering with a shower head. He sprays cool water into his tender point, crying longingly for relief, “Ah, cold water!”

His girlfriend only responds with peals of laughter as he pleads again that she should stop filming. Finally, he shuts the shower door to escape his tormentor.

The Mirror asks whether Cenek should continue dating a woman who plays such a cruel prank on him. But while The Daily Mail wonders whether this is the “worst girlfriend ever,” it is clear that what the video shows is a point in the escalation of a prank war. The girlfriend tells us clearly at the beginning of the video that she has decided to get her own back on her boyfriend who was always pranking her.

“Is this the worst girlfriend ever?”

While we can only guess the sort of pranks Cenek had played on his girlfriend that prompted such cruel revenge, many of us have probably known pranksters who do not take kindly to getting a taste of their own medicine.

Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper Prank
Pepper Spray Prank

But there is a risk that her pepper sprayed toilet paper prank would only further escalate the prank war.

This girlfriend is advised strongly to watch out.