Big Sean’s ‘IDFWU’ Song Ignites Controversial Yet Social Frenzy

Big Sean recently ignited a social fire that may not soon be doused. Essentially saying what many people urge to say often, his song — “IDFWU” — influences the masses to speak their true feelings in order to be “stress-free.”

With so many applications, this acronym has few limitations as people hilariously but seriously relate it to people, situations, bills, utility companies, etc. Whether from home, work, school or even church — when extremely pushed — many are screaming Big Sean’s “I Don’t F**k With You.”

While its connotations have no limits, it is mostly applied to past relationships. As can be seen from Twitter, there have been and continue to be a flood of tweets under the hashtag #IDFWU. One Big Sean fan tweets:

Ha. I actually get this ‘joke’ #IDFWU

— Raaaaaaaandy (@EsquireRandy) December 10, 2014

Relevant to the image, there are a variety of videos showing similar acclamations toward their ex-companions, none of which can be posted to Inquisitr, due to the language of course. However, after a simple search, they can be found and seen. According to Hollywood Life, close associates of Big Sean exclusively told the entertainment news medium that his “IDFWU” song is totally about his ex-girlfriend, Naya Rivera.

Though he assures his current girlfriend, 21-year-old pop-singing icon – Ariana Grande, that she has nothing to worry about and is truly loved, Big Sean felt the need to drive the point home through his unforgettable lyrics. Encouragingly, Ariana even jumped onboard the acronym craze and supported her companion’s trending track, as can be seen below.

Ariana Grande IDFWU

This could be geared toward the recent rumors from a particular, Ed Sheeran — who stated that Ariana Grande told him how much she “loves big black balls,” at last week’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Honestly, people have a sense of humor and tend joke.

In this particular situation, there were several, large, black balls in the crowd. Humorously, she made the aforementioned pun. Nonetheless, even if it were her personal preference, she is human like everyone else, and everyone is entitled to his or her own. However, to coin the stress-free phrase from her boyfriend, she non-verbally states in the image:

I don’t f**k with yoooouuu.

Yet, to further hype the IDFWU-users, Big Sean encourages its use on clothing. On December 10, he posted merchandise information to his Instagram account.

Demode Clothing
Demode Clothing

And as is encouraged, people are ordering his wear at rapid paces. Even individuals whose parents are opposed say they will still purchase them as well. Since many business ideas spread and vary, Big Sean is not the only one selling the acronym on clothing.

“IDFWU” can be seen printed on jerseys, shirts, caps, beanies, etc. It is even the case that people are getting it tatted on themselves. Seriously, this is a trend that will not go without a fight.

Similarly, Y.O.L.O — You Only Live Once — is still used. Since Big Sean is now a renowned rapper and public face, the “IDFWU” phrase and acronym should be expected to linger for the coming years, like “Lol” — Laugh Out Loud.

What do you think? Does the phrase and acronym relate to you? Do you have an ex this applies to directly? Feel free to comment and share this article.

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