Baby Can't Stop Laughing While Dog Plays Next To Her [Video]

Effie Orfanides

Baby Leighton was enjoying some time on the floor with her toys when her dog Zayla decided to have some fun on her own. According to MSN, the pup started playing near the baby, which was really entertaining for both. Leighton cracked up laughing as the dog played with an empty plastic package, and then one of her own toys.

Babies tend to get a kick out of dogs, because dogs can be quite silly. In 2012, Mashable compiled ten videos of babies laughing at dogs, and if you enjoyed watching Leighton and Zayla's interaction you will undoubtedly enjoy those videos which you can see here.

Last month, a video of a baby and a dog went viral. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the baby was in a doorway swing as the dog pounced on her shadow, and the child cracked up. The adorable video is totally worth the watch.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]