Bastion getting ‘Stranger’s Dream’ DLC next week

Supergiant Games announced today that new DLC, titled “Stranger’s Dream”, is on the way for Bastion next week on both PC and Xbox 360.

Those who downloaded Bastion on Steam for free automatically when the DLC is made available on December 14. Xbox Live players will have to pay for it, but not much – all you have to do is download a Title Update and purchase the content on the Marketplace for a measly $1.

The DLC will add in a new “fully narrated Who Knows Were sequence, bigger and more challenging than the others. You’ll gain a bit more insight into Rucks’ backstory as well as the history of Caelondia if you can survive this fight.”

You’ll also get a new Score Attack Mode that starts you off at level one with all Spirits and Idols. You’ll be graded on your combat performance, and you’ll also have the option of repeating an area to boost your score.

Lastly, the DLC will add in a “No Sweat Mode” for, well, people who suck at the game, to put it honestly. You’ll be able to experience the Bastion story without having to worry about losing any progress when you’re beaten down by Bastion‘s enemies.

In related Bastion news, Supergiant Games just launched the game on the Google Chrome meaning, if you were so inclined, you could play it straight from your Chrome browser right now. The game costs $14.99 on Chrome and will also be getting the Stranger’s Dream DLC when it releases next week and, like the PC version, it will also be free on Chrome.