‘The Voice’ Official Wildcard Announcement: Who Did Your Votes Save?

If you’re a fan of The Voice and wanted to know who was saved by votes, NBC insisted that you tune into their morning news program, the Today show.

There was no specified time given, but it wasn’t difficult to guess that the reveal wouldn’t come straight away.

Before getting the official word during the Today show, Voice, fans had to turn to iTunes for a clue as to who the fourth finalist might be.

Once the window closed at 3 a.m., it was apparent that America had likely not changed its mind about any of the other returning seven contestants who’d been eliminated from The Voice in previous weeks.

The person closest to the Top 5 on the iTunes singles chart was former Voice hopeful DaNica Shirey, but her version of “Without You” was quite a ways down at No. 72.

Taylor John Williams and Damien Lawson were close enough in terms of Voice iTunes sales to make it hard to guess who would have enough total votes to go through to the final.

But in the end, the Voice audience elected to save….Damien Lawson!

Damien’s soulful performance of the Bruno Mars song “Grenade” was what convinced Voice voters he needed to be in the finale.

This means that it is officially the end of the road for Taylor John Williams and the slew of other Top 12 hopefuls that came back to the show one last time.

Your finalists are Craig Wayne Boyd, Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison, and Damien Lawson.

The move by fans of The Voice to save Damien Lawson is a huge boost for Voice coach Adam Levine.

There is is a very strong chance that one of his three remaining hopefuls will win the seventh season of The Voice.

Blake Shelton could still have picked the show’s winner, as Craig Wayne Boyd is very popular with country fans of The Voice.

This turn of events also signals that BOTH Voice newcomers failed to find a place in the finale.

Despite Team Gwen and Team Pharrell having possibly the strongest teams at the beginning of the season, experience won out in the end, and this is now a showdown between Team Blake and Team Adam.

Though Gwen Stefani will bow out at the close of this season of The Voice, Pharrell Williams will be back for Season 8, both older and wiser.

Are you happy with the “wildcard” selection? If not, who would YOU have saved?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official Facebook]