Cam Newton Car Accident Update: Newton Smiles, In ‘Fair Condition’ With Two Back Fractures

When one hears the words “Cam Newton car accident” coupled together, one holds their breath and prays silently. Even non-football fans have heard the name Cam Newton bandied about ESPN and PTI, even if they do have to turn to Google and Wikipedia to verify that Cameron Jerrell “Cam” Newton is a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

Despite the harrowing and worrisome list of photos from Twitter showing a variety of vantage points from the Cam Newton car accident, as reported by Fox Sports, the final photo showing Newton with his trademarked wide smile resting on his side is the most comforting.

“Cam Newton is conscious and smiling after crash in uptown Charlotte.”

Despite the smiles, Cam Newton apparently suffered two back fractures in the car accident, reports USA Today. They were called “two transverse process fractures” after the two-car accident caused the vehicle being driven by Newton to flip on its side. Newton will stay in the hospital at least overnight to be watched as Carolinas Medical Center spokesman Scott White told the media that any questions about the condition of Cam Newton should be directed to the team.

David J. Chao, MD, a former NFL head team physician, tweeted the following update about this type of fracture.

“CAM NEWTON transverse process spine fracture:”

“GOOD NEWS: not dangerous, no paralysis, short-term injury.”

“BAD NEWS: could miss next game.”

Reporter Jonathan Jones, who covers the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer, has kept the public updated about the condition of Cam Newton and other Newton-related concerns via his verified Twitter account.

“I’ll have more on the injury later, but initial signs/recent history indicate [Cam] Newton will not play this week. Of course there are more important things than if [Cam Newton will] play in a football game, but that part must be addressed.”

Newton’s truck flipped over on a bridge close to the Bank of America Stadium, but did not flip over the bridge, fortunately. Photos of the second car involved in the Cam Newton accident were also posted on social media. Police are looking into the cause of the Cam Newton car accident, wherein Newton was alone in his Dodge Ram truck around 12:30 p.m. ET, the time of the car accident.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cam Newton was not headed to practice with the Panthers at the time of the car accident.

[Image credit: Cam Newton car accident Twitter photos]