Jax Taylor Is “Happy” With The New Girl In His Life

Jax Taylor is dating again. On Vanderpump Rules season three, fans watched as the model/bartender attempted to schmooze two women at the same time. Although the two women, Tiffany Matthews and Carmen Dickman, knew about one another, it made for quite the awkward dynamic.

Now, Taylor has cut his dating life down to just one woman.

“Do I have a girl in my life? Yes. Are we dating? No. Am I happy right now? Absolutely,” Taylor revealed to Wetpaint Entertainment on December 8. “I’m good, I’m happy. Do I want a girlfriend right now? I don’t know. I’m just really trying to focus on my businesses right now, and the show’s still up and going right now and taking up a lot of my time. There is one person, yes, that I would like to be with. Absolutely. Will it work out? I don’t know. We’re talking and we’re hanging out.”

While Jax Taylor wouldn’t reveal the identity of the woman or say if it was Matthews or Dickman, he says he’s learned from past mistakes and hopes to be better in his future relationships.

“I used to put my relationships first before everything else and make it work and it just didn’t work for me. It’s really tough for me to date, especially for a young girl who knows who I am from the show,” Taylor explained. “The show keeps becoming more and more popular and I can’t control what comes in social media-wise. It’s tough, I understand, for a young girl. I’ve hurt enough people in my life and I don’t want to hurt anyone else. If I put it all out there and she still wants to be a part of my life, great. If not, I understand. I chose this lifestyle and I chose to be on this show. You don’t know who’s in it for the right reasons and I’ve been burned a couple times.”

According to an Inquisitr report, Jax Taylor, who infamously cheated on Stassi Schroeder during season two, predicted a confrontation with his ex on the show. “I’m assuming we’ll have some kind of confrontation at some point. To be totally honest with you, I haven’t seen Stassi probably since our [Season 2] reunion and that’s the truth,” he told Hollywood Life.

Despite his on-camera drama, Taylor says he’s a good guy.

“People who do know me, they know I wear my heart on my sleeve. I jump into relationships headfirst,” he told Wetpaint Entertainment. “I moved in with Stassi after I met her after a week. It was our third date and I was with her for three years. I’m a really good guy. I’ve always treated these girls wonderfully.”

As the Inquisistr reported last month, Jax Taylor recently revealed he and the cast were filming additional scenes for Vanderpump Rules.

[Photo via Twitter]