Lady Gaga Rocks Red Carpet With New Boyfriend As Her Trainer Shares Weight Loss Secrets [Video]

Lady Gaga rocked the red carpet at the 37th Annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., earning awe for her extraordinary sparkle from double rows of rhinestone. With a long white gown made uber-fabulous with a matching cape, the 28-year-old singer also displayed her curvy body as she clung to escort Taylor Kinney, reports E News.

“We had such a wonderful time at the Kennedy Center. We both care so much about the arts staying alive and respected. Celebrating all the honorees was an honor for me to be a part of and watch,” posted Lady Gaga on Instagram.

Gaga’s song choices included “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You.” She also reflected via social media about her views on that song.

“[It is a] classic song about keeping faith as the times and people change. I loved singing with the band last night for STING, Trudie, The President and the First Lady. We brought some grit and fire to the stage, and I loved every second of it.”

Kinney first met Gaga when she was filming her music video Yoü and I, shown below.

Gaga praised Kinney’s creativity and peaceful personality.

“I can’t really imagine being with anyone other than who I’m with right now. He’s extremely creative. When it comes to his work, he can be quite introverted. He likes to just study and study and sit with his thoughts. We really connect in that way. We don’t do the same thing.”

The two have tended to avoid public outings, which makes the Kennedy Center appearance even more notable. But Gaga emphasizes that she feels Kinney truly understands her stances.

“What I do feed off is my ability to have an intelligent conversation with him about how it feels to be a creative person, because a lot of people don’t always understand you. They think you’re weird,” admitted Lady Gaga.

Gaga talks about her views on Kinney below.

Part of her ongoing dialogue with her fans and those around her has been her views on body image. Gaga earned fame for wearing a meat costume while being candid about her weight gain at one point. She also talked about her eating disorder with the goal of helping young girls stop hiding their own battles with conditions such as bulimia or anorexia and seek help.

Now, however, she’s achieved a noticeable healthy weight loss success, and her trainer Harley Pasternak talked with Fitness magazine about his tips.

Pasternak recommends doing a variety of movements that engage the entire body. Among his favorites for toning and blasting calories are the Dumb-bell Row, Skater’s Lunge, and Seated Trunk Twist.

The Skater’s Lunge, for example, involves standing feet hip-width apart. Lunge your left leg out, then stay crouched and hop on your left food next to your right, lunging right while sweeping your left arm toward your right foot and right arm behind you. Reverse to complete one round. Harley suggests 20 reps.

As for diet, as the Inquisitr reported, Pasternak recommends a low-carb diet that features protein and vegetables. By steering clear of starchy foods such as potatoes and bread, Harley says that you can avoid holiday weight gain and even shed pounds during the traditional season of feasting.

“Load up on a lean protein like roasted turkey, ham, or a lean cut of brisket. The idea is that you fill up on that stuff so you don’t go overboard with the potatoes and breads.”

[Photo By Alex Wong/Getty Images]