Indoor Air Quality – Can The Government Mandate A Change?

Indoor air quality standards that have been set forth and approved by the EPA are beginning to be implemented at Fairbanks, Alaska and many other areas reports News-Miner. Concerns have been raised by various community members that the state is rushing into developing these procedures, which may cause the public to back away from putting the plan in action.

The state has discussed the topic of indoor air quality on many occasions but every time the topic is raised in a governmental forum, the deadlines become tighter and tighter.

While the bill that considers indoor air quality does addresses what can and cannot be burned indoors. For example, to ensure indoor air quality, barbecues, fireworks and other products that release large amounts of harmful gas should not be burned inside.

Some citizens are apprehensive to allowing the development of the indoor air quality bill due to the fact that in order to use a fireplace or other means of heat that are not approved by the bill, they must obtain a waiver which will cost them time and money just to ensure that their home stays warm during the winter months.

The bill also falls short in many areas that the average public will not understand. These areas are smoke opacity, wood moisture content and similar topics. It is also questionable how the government plans to regulate the burning of material, or how they plan to reinforce the indoor air quality bill.

Many people in the Fairbanks area use wood heat as the sole form of heating their home. Most of them note that their wood is stored outside, many times in the snow. According to the proposed bill, the people of Alaska will have to entirely reorganize their lives and put out a significant amount of money to create wood shelters.

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The trend of attempting to increase indoor air quality has spread worldwide and many other states and countries are considering placing bans on what can and cannot be burned. Not only will increasing the indoor air quality benefit your family, it can also increase the outdoor quality since most products that aim for increased indoor air quality provide low emissions.