‘Castle’ Spoilers, Midseason Finale Details: ‘Bad Santa’ Brings Twist And Game-Changing Cliffhanger

The Season 7 fall finale of Castle airs on ABC Monday night, and fans are anxious to know what to expect. It has been a wild season already, but from the sounds of things, fans had better buckle up and prepare for a crazy ride. What Castle spoilers are available for the December 8 midseason finale? When is the show expected to return?

Monday night’s show is titled “Bad Santa,” and it will revolve around the case of an emergency room doctor being shot in the street by someone in a Santa suit. An investigation reveals that the victim had links to the mob. As the show’s Facebook page teases with a preview, Castle will renew some sketchy connections in order to get to the bottom of things. In addition, there will be a defining development in Lanie and Esposito’s relationship thanks to the holiday season.

TVLine teases a mysterious Castle spoiler that there will be an “episode-ending twist.” It is teased that will “change the shape of the show” for a bit according to Stana Katic, who plays Beckett. Just what is the episode-ending twist? Considering some of the twists and turns thrown at viewers this season, fans can only imagine.

Just when does Season 7 of Castle return with new episodes? According to the Futon Critic, it is believed that the Season 7, Episode 11 show will likely air on January 12, 2015. The show will probably confirm the return date as the midseason finale wraps, and a Castle spoiler preview is shown for the next episode at the end of “Bad Santa.”

Castle and Beckett may finally be married now, but the show still has plenty to offer fans. Showrunner David Amann teased via Entertainment Weekly that the Castle mystery returns in the midseason finale. The supposed game-changing cliffhanger apparently is directly related to Rick, but exactly what it entails remains a mystery.

Amann said that the cliffhanger doesn’t impact Kate and Rick’s relationship, but it is “going to change the outlook as we come into the new year for Castle and Beckett.” There will be no divorce, but it seems there will be complicated times ahead.

Just how will fans be left hanging? Viewers can’t wait to find out, and it all plays out on the December 8 midseason finale. Then Castle viewers will need to stay tuned for the Season 7 return date, anticipated to likely be airing on January 12.

[Image via Spoilers Guide]