DKNY Has Your Next Christmas Present, Offers $1 Million Perfume

Does your girlfriend, wife or mom seem have everything they want? For that hard to shop for girl in your life DKNY stores have a solution but it will cost you $1 million.

Designed in collaboration with famed jewelry designer Martin Katz the Gold Delicious fragrance bottles come equipped with a 14 karat yellow and white gold design that is surrounded by 183 yellow sapphires, 2,700 white diamonds and 2.43-carat yellow canary diamonds.

Featured in an apple-shaped bottle the perfume has made trips to London, Mexico and Malaysia where it has been revealed to star studded success.

Arriving in New York City on Tuesday night the perfume was shown off by supermodel Chanel Iman at the DKNY flag ship store. Chanel was surrounded by several body guards for the reveal and the perfume bottle was being kept in a fire proof briefcase before it was shown off to large crowds of customers.

As for what’s inside the perfume bottle, it’s basically your standard perfume with hints of golden delicious apples, orange, rose and lily.

While $1 million may be a steep price to pay for what is essentially a perfume bottle, the net proceeds from the sale will go to Action Against Hunger.

Bad economy, what bad economy?