Facebook Timeline Starts Rolling Out To Users…In New Zealand

It’s official, Facebook’s new Timeline feature, a complete redesign of how Facebook shows a users profile page is finally rolling out. However it will be users in New Zealand and not the United States who get first dibs at the programs new output.

According to Facebook’s Sam Lessin the Timeline feature will roll out in the region and then go out “more broadly” soon.

Under the new layout Facebook removes some of the emphasis from recent updates and allows users to g

ain a better sense of a users “long-term” history all the way back to when they launched their Facebook page. In fact a user could potentially fill in dates from before their time on Facebook, tracking their entire life all the way back to birth.

Facebook has also added the ability for users to add memorable events and choose how to display those events in their updates field.

Also more present via the new Timeline layout is better placement of Apps, the ability to showcase profile photos with a visual banner above the profile show and better access to scale for screen size based on the type of device being utilized.

Using Facebook Developer access here’s a screenshot of the Timeline I have been testing for several months:

Facebook Timeline Update

Are you excited to try out the new Facebook Timeline user profile feature?