Tim Deegan: Photo Mix-Up Has Weatherman Tim Deegan Suing Because He Is Not A Sex Offender

Effie Orfanides

Tim Deegan is a Florida weatherman. Another Tim Deegan is a Florida accountant. One of them is a criminal accused of keeping sex slaves in his basement. At least one media outlet confused the two and put the weatherman's photo with the national news story about a man who was charged with human trafficking. According to the SpreadIt, Deegan (the non-criminal) filed a lawsuit against Nexstar Broadcasting Inc. after they used his picture as the face of a man who enslaved three women in his home for several months.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Timothy Deegan was arrested and charged in June for unthinkable crimes.

"Not only did Deegan rape these women, but he also 'pimped them out,' and manipulated them," reports the Inquisitr.

Deegan paid the women in cocaine, and all were inclined to do whatever he asked of them. They would clean his house, have sex with him, and follow his orders just for a bump.

Weatherman Tim Deegan is looking to rectify the situation by getting some financial compensation after his face was associated with the aforementioned crime.

"He suffered financial loss, personal humiliation, and injury to his reputation," reports the SpreadIt.

And the news station has commented on the case, but say that they didn't do anything wrong intentionally.

"We published the wrong photo, but we did so in good faith and without negligence, express malice or actual malice. Someone at Inergize searched a database and saw Jacksonville's Deegan's photo and attached it to the unrelated story," explained Action News news director Robert Longo.

According to the New York Daily News, Deegan claims that he sent not one, but two requests to the media outlet, asking them to take down his photo. The requests went unresolved.

"They falsely identified him as the person who had been arrested and charged with some of the most despicable crimes and immoral conduct imaginable. Such publications were statements of fact, not opinion and defamed Plaintiff in that they tended to harm and did harm his reputation," the lawsuit states in part.

The weatherman Tim Deegan's mugshot photo that was used came from his DUI arrest in 2013. Evidently, that was enough for the media outlet to presume that they had the right guy, without doing any further research. Obviously, getting a DUI and keeping women locked in your home as sex slaves are two very different offenses.

Deegan just wants to clear his name -- and his face -- from the other Deegan case. Do you think Deegan will win this lawsuit?