Florida Accountant Sex Slaves: Timothy Deegan Kept Sex Slaves In His Home, Pimped Them Out

A Florida accountant kept sex slaves in his home. According to authorities, Timothy Deegan had three sex slaves living with him, doing whatever it is that he told them to do. Not only did Deegan rape these women, but he also “pimped them out,” and manipulated them. According to The New York Daily News, the women (who were given cocaine as “payment”) were monitored by “hidden cameras and GPS devices.” They were forced to clean Deegan’s home, and basically do whatever else he wanted them to do for the past several months.

Neighbors had no idea this business was going on in their upper middle class neighborhood. One neighbor, George Shorter, said:

“I hate to say it but the shocking thing is we really knew so little about what went on in his house. It’s maintained from the outside. It’s one of the distinct properties in the neighborhood.”

The Florida accountant with the sex slaves was arrested last Friday and was charged with human trafficking. Naturally people are curious how this man met these women — and got them to stay in his home with him. According to Mail Online, the three women stayed in his home because they were frightened of what would happen to them if they tried to leave. Timothy Deegan, 53, had guns and regularly threatened the women (whom he met via an online “hooker” site) with violence.

Sergeant Butcher explained:

“They stayed, because they were afraid. He made traps, he watched their every move. He kept them addicted to drugs.”

The Florida accountant accused of keeping sex slaves is being held at Alachua County Jail on $300,000 bond. In Dec. 2013, Deegan was charged with sexual assault. Those in his neighborhood are questioning why the people who run their housing community allowed him to continue to live there.

This story is very reminiscent of that of Ariel Castro’s. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Castro accepted a plea deal after police found him keeping three women as sex slaves in his Ohio home. Castro was sentenced to life in prison but was found dead in his cell after committing suicide a short time after his hearing.

Timothy Deegan will likely find himself spending the rest of his life behind bars. It is unknown what has become of the three women, but it is presumed that they were taken to a hospital for evaluation and that they will be receiving therapy for months if not years.

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