Adriana Lima And Lily Aldridge Talk Paleo Low-Carb Diets, Fitness, And $2 Million Fantasy Bras [Video]

Before Angels Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge earned their wings for the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, they worked hard for those halos. The two supermodels share a dedication to a low-carb Paleo diet and grueling bouts of exercise. Now, as Adriana Lima gets ready to retire following this season, she told Us Weekly that getting older makes it tougher.

"My body has changed a lot since I gave birth—it happens. I work out and I look after myself. I take this seriously because it's my job."
As part of that job, Adriana has developed the self-confidence it takes to don a $2 million Fantasy Bra and saunter along the catwalk.
"Today's women are so independent, with their own jobs, able to stand up for themselves, that gives me a lot of confidence also. How you feel inside, the inner beauty, that [affects] the way you act onstage."
As to what affects the way she looks onstage? That's all about dedicated diet and fitness, admits Lima. As the Inquisitr reported, Adriana believes that boxing and a low-carb diet are the keys to staying slim as she gets older.

"I really try to eat as healthy as I possibly can. Vegetables, protein, knowing how to balance the right amount of carbs—that's for me," she said of her Paleo diet.

The results of that divine dedication are evident in the video below.

Agreeing with Adriana Lima is her Angelic counterpart Lily Aldridge, who also follows a high-protein low-carb diet, reported the Daily Mail. And although Lily follows a Paleo-style diet throughout the year, she gets more strict as show time nears. That means limiting her food intake to protein, vegetables, and fruit, with alcohol on the banned list.
"Being an Angel, you're in shape all year long, but before the show, you amp it up a lot. I start about two months ahead, so I can get in top shape healthily and steadily and have time to feel good. The big thing I cut out is wine. and then a week before the show, I stop salty foods."
As for her focused fitness regime, Lily schedules six workouts a week. She also increases the amount of time, adding 15 minutes to each session.

"I do Ballet Beautiful and I love yoga and Pilates and boxing," added Aldridge.

Why do so many of the supermodels follow low-carb Paleo diets, as the Inquisitr reported? Following a Paleo-style low-carb diet attains better results, said Adriana's nutritionist, Dr. Charles Passler. By avoiding processed foods, dairy, and grains while emphasizing protein and non-starchy vegetables, weight loss becomes both easy and healthy, said Passler.

"The basic idea of the Paleo Diet is to eat what is natural and available. If it looks like it came from nature it is fine. No processed foods including breads and pasta. Dairy is also eliminated or minimized.

"Fruits are fine in moderation. Nuts are also fine in moderation—but keep in mind they are very calorie dense. Bottom line: The Paleo diet is a lower carb-eating program based on consuming mainly protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs) and lower starch vegetables, such as leafy greens."

[Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images]