Amanda Knox Shops Book Deal, Gets Lawyer

Thought after her release from an Italian prison in the fall you’d heard the last of Amanda Knox?

Coverage of the murder trial, imprisonment and subsequent release of Knox and Italian lover Raffaele Sollecito after the death of Meredith Kercher was intense here at times, but was nothing compared to the attention given the case in Kercher’s native Britain. But now Knox is safely ensconced home in Seattle, and trying to put the entire ordeal behind her- after she gets a book deal. Knox has retained the services of a lawyer to negotiate the potential offers, and literary agent Sharlene Martin said in a statement:

“This is a case I have followed from day one and never, not even for one moment, have I doubted the innocence of Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox… “I’m honored to work with this fine young man and let the world know the real Raffaele — a sensitive, compassionate and heartfelt person.”

According to British newspaper the Daily Mail- which covered Knox and Sollecito’s trials and acquittals rather closely and feverishly- Knox came back from Italy after her four-year-long ordeal with an entire suitcase full of journals detailing her experiences. The site quoted Knox’s father:

“She has an extraordinarily large number of journals she has maintained and it’s interesting they’re written in different languages. She processes the whole situation by writing it down.”

During the trial, the Knox family hired a Seattle-based public relations specialist, David Marriott, who confirmed that the family was shopping a book. Marriott said:

“Amanda Knox has hired a lawyer that will represent her in discussions with various book publishers who have expressed an interest in Amanda writing a book. Mr. Barnett will also assist Amanda and her family in evaluating other opportunities as well.”

Would you like to read about the murder and trial from Knox’s perspective?