Columbus Short Films Fight Video As His Wife Beats Up The Woman She Believes He’s Having An Affair With

Columbus Short may no longer appear on the hit TV show Scandal – even if he did live-tweet the Scandal premiere from his “Official Short” Instagram account, reported Us Magazine – but the life and times of Columbus Short could make for one exciting movie in and of itself.

On December 5, the above video was released from TMZ showing Columbus’ wife, Tanee McCall-Short, striking Tilly Key on the ground at the Short home and spitting on her and cursing at Key, all because Columbus’ estranged wife believed Short was having an affair with Key.

As a result, McCall-Short has been charged in the attack, all the while Columbus Short is receiving backlash online for filming the fight video instead of coming to Key’s immediate assistance. Columbus could claim that he was only gathering evidence, because the L.A. City attorney reviewed the tape and charged McCall-Short with battery after the incident, reported TMZ.

The 33-year-old McCall-Short is the second wife of controversial Columbus, a man who is no stranger to getting arrested himself, as reported by the Inquisitr earlier this year. In fact, it was after one of the times Columbus got arrested — and bailed out — that Tilly Key picked Columbus up from home the following day, and the fight occurred when assumptions of adultery between Columbus and Key were made. Key says that McCall-Short caused her to endure various injuries, including a concussion, a lumbar strain, and sprain — as well as multiple contusions and a cervical sprain.

Despite all the drama, Columbus and McCall-Short worked together on a true-to-life film titled The End Again, as reported by NBC’s The Root, wherein they star as a couple who are dealing with breaking up.

Meanwhile, some of the lines uttered during the fight by McCall-Short – in between the bleeped out expletives – seem “gladiator” worthy.

“I could save your life.”

Columbus Short’s confusing comebacks also seem reminiscent of a Shonda Rhimes-penned script.

“Just so we’re clear, you just saved your own life.”

Time will tell how this latest melee will affect the lives and careers of Columbus Short, Tilly Key, and Tanee McCall-Short, and whether McCall-Short was correct in her accusations of adultery. Columbus has been quite honest in the past, as reported by the Daily Mail, when Short spilled the beans about sleeping in bed with Britney Spears, an emotional affair that he says spelled the death knell to his first marriage.

[Image credit of Columbus Short, Tilly Key and Tanee McCall-Short:]