Natalia Kills: 'X-Factor' Judge Causes Outrage By Cursing Out Audience At Taping

Natalia Kills, a judge for X Factor New Zealand, has put a huge spotlight on the reality series. News of her outburst during a taping of the series on Tuesday is now making headlines. According to Hollywood Life, Kills yelled and cursed at the audience. She told the audience to shut up using much more colorful language.

After her outburst, many of the people in attendance stood up and walked out of the taping. There were several children in the audience at the time of her outburst. Mothers yelled at the singer for her choice of language before they exited the taping. Some of the people from the audience expressed their feelings about the outburst on Twitter.

Jeane Mowatt, the publicist for X Factor New Zealand, spoke out about Kills outburst after the taping.
"During a long day of filming, The X Factor NZ judge Natalia Kills expressed frustration at the behavior of some sections of the audience. Her words were not well chosen, and both Natalia and TV3 apologize for any offense caused."
Kills is a British singer, who was signed by to his record label after he saw her talent. She has toured with Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. There are reports that the singer has now worked with Madonna on eight songs.

Natalia was selected for the current X Factor New Zealand panel back in October. She could not contain her excitement at that time. Kills was not alone either. TV3 also tapped her husband, Willy Moon, to join the panel of the series. Natalia shared her excitement over joining the panel of X Factor New Zealand, according to Scoop News:

"The new season of The X Factor NZ is going to be wild! I'm delighted to be a judge and mentor to other aspiring new artists. New Zealand is full of undiscovered talent, and I'm excited to find a diamond in the rough. Last year when I released my album Trouble I had the time of my life in Auckland. I never knew there was such a dynamic creative scene there. Besides, ever since I married Willy Moon I've had a burning curiosity to find out more about where he's from and what makes Kiwis so irresistible!"
This was not the only trouble X Factor New Zealand had this week. A fan accused the series of rigging the results of the Dec. 1 show. Brad Fisher was in the audience during the taping of the show, and he saw the judges giving hand signals after each performance.

X Factor has become popular around the world. The X Factor USA did not become a hit when it aired on Fox, but the series is still extremely popular in the UK and in other countries. The Inquisitr reported recently on the latest news about Mel B. The former Spice girl was a judge on the X Factor UK. She spoke about rumors regarding her sexuality in a new interview, and she admitted to a same-sex relationship.

What do you think of the reports of Natalia Kills' outburst? Are you familiar with her music?

[Photo: Natalia Kills Facebook]