‘South Park’ #Rehash Episode Comments On Commenters Commenting On Everything

South Park pokes fun at just about anything and anybody, so this week’s episode, entitled “#Rehash,” did just that: made fun of pretty much everything and everyone. The topic of this week’s new episode was commenters commenting on those who comment on things. Sound confusing? Just bear with us!

South Park’s “#Rehash” episode aired on Wednesday, December 3, and focused on the idea of video commentaries. You know those things where people record themselves commenting on different things that people find interesting and/or popular? You find them flooding social media sites, especially on YouTube. In fact, YouTube superstar PewDiePie made his first television appearance on the show and did was he does best: commented on a video game.

According to GameNGuide, PewDiePie is well known as a vlogger, a video blogger, who posts reaction videos on his YouTube channel.

“He plays action and horror games and films his real time reactions to what’s going on in them. Sort of like a virtual play through with your friend. In fact, his tag line of sorts is ‘Sharing gaming moments on YouTube with my bros.’ We’re all his bros. This isn’t about walkthroughs or secrets. Just watching this guy play, like he’s your bro,” reported GameNGuide.

Based on this, the creators of South Park decided it was time to target social media and the fact that kids today seem to be glued to their variety of smart devices, instead of actually doing anything important.

South Park character Kyle becomes the “adult” in this episode, in that he is the one that is commenting on the fact that children, as in those younger then himself, would rather watch a commentary of a video game, for example Call of Duty, instead of actually playing it.

According to Fashion & Style, Kyle is upset that his own brother, Ike, would rather watch YouTube commentaries instead of play the game with him.

What angers Kyle more is the fact that his long time frenemy, Cartman, decides to cash in on the commentary business, and soon becomes a YouTube star who comments on people commenting on stuff.

“Today, I’m going to comment on ‘Call of Duty.’ More specifically, I’m going to comment on my friends commenting on ‘Call of Duty,'” said Cartman early on in the South Park episode.

From there, Cartman moves on from simply commenting on gaming comments to commenting on pretty much anything anyone comments about.

Is Kyle right? Has the new “young” generation become so engrossed in their technology that they would rather watch other people do things of interest to them instead of doing themselves?

Let the commenting begin!

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