Lorde Reacts To ‘South Park’ As ‘MockingJay’ Song Climbs: Listen Here

Lorde is on top of the world at the moment, and her success earned her the attention of South Park and its crew. Lorde was mentioned on the latest episode of South Park on Wednesday night, and Lorde immediately went to social media to share her thoughts on her appearance on the series. Lorde posted to her Twitter on Thursday, and Lorde also shared clips from the series on her Instagram.

Lorde is not the first celebrity to appear on South Park. The comedy series is known for poking fun at celebrities, and not every celebrity likes to be made fun of by the characters on the series. However, Lorde enjoyed her appearance on the series. She is not a fan of South Park, but she found out about the appearance after the episode aired. Lorde spoke out about the appearance on Twitter.

Lorde also called the South Park appearance both “weird” and “cool.” Inquisitr previously reported that Lorde fans responded positively to the inclusion of the singer on the series. During the South Park episode, it was revealed that Lorde was actually Randy Marsh, the father of one of the characters on the series. Stan’s mother also spoke quite positively about Lorde during the episode.

“Lorde represents something in all of us, a truth that wants to be heard… If I could talk to Lorde right now, you know what I’d tell her? I’d tell her not to let me change who she is.”

Lorde has a lot to be happy about this week. “Yellow Flicker Beat” is the first single released from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, and the song climbed to the number 17 spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. Hollywood Life reported that Lorde’s debut is the highest debut by a female since 1995.

“Yellow Flicker Beat” is the first single released by Lorde since the release of her debut album. At the age of 17, Lorde is showing that nothing will stop her rise to fame with this new appearance on the Billboard charts. Not only does Lorde appear on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, but the singer also produced the album. She helped gather the list of talent that appears on the soundtrack.

Lorde shared a bit about the process that went into putting together the Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack album with her fans on her Tumblr, according to Franchise Herald.

“I work from midnight until late on the soundtrack, singing into my computer, listening to demos and final mixes. My bus sleeps. We are almost at the end, the point where this soundtrack gets taken away from me and becomes something real.”

It is clear that Lorde is at the start of a long and successful career. What did you think of her South Park appearance? Are you a fan of her music?

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