Adam Sandler: Leaked Sony Emails Show Employee Distaste For Comedian's Movies

Todd Rigney

Adam Sandler probably isn't feeling too good about himself at the moment, thanks to a handful of hacked emails that have popped up on the internet this week.

Sandler's latest cinematic endeavors are essentially a running joke to those who remember the comedian during his heyday. Movies such as That's My Boy and Jack and Jill have suggested that Sandler had essentially lost his touch. Not only are moviegoers growing tired of his shtick, apparently Sony employees aren't happy with the guy either.

According to AceShowbiz, the recent Sony hack revealed that Sony staffers aren't at all happy with the quality of some of the company's films. Included in that list are "mundane" comedies put together by none other than Adam Sandler. In other words, they feel the same way about Sandler's movies as the people who pay money to see them.

The folks over at Gawker managed to get their hands on some of the leaked emails (circa 2012) centered around Adam Sandler and his flicks. If the former Saturday Night Live cast member was feeling down and out about his future in Hollywood, chances are these comments are just salt in the cinematic wound.

Here's what one Sony employee had to say about Sandler's flicks.

"There is a general 'blah-ness' to the films we produce. Althought we manage to produce an innovative film once in awhile, Social Network, Moneyball, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we continue to be saddled with the mundane, formulaic Adam Sandler films. Let's raise the bar a little on the films we produce, and inspire employees that they are working on the next Social Network. That said, there's a strange dichotomy of encouraging us to be fiscally responsible, but then upper management allows certain talent and filmmakers to bleed us dry with their outlandish requests for private jets, wardrobe and grooming stylists - and are surprised when they are asked to work more than 5 hours to promote their film."

Another staffer wondered why the studio bothered to dump money into Sandler's movies when they clearly aren't making tons of money at the box office.

"In TV and Theatrical, I hope management looks closely at the money spent on development and term deals to ensure efficiency. There are a lot of term deal personnel as well as creative personnel, yet we only release a dozen or so Columbia Pictures a year, for example. And will we still be paying for Adam Sandler? Why?"

That's got to sting. Although news about the hacked Sony emails regarding Adam Sandler are making the rounds online, the Grown Ups star hasn't officially responded to these reports. Do you think the emails were particularly harsh, or a dose of the truth?

[Lead image via Sony Pictures]