Toddler Found Nearly Frozen After Spending Night Outside In Frigid Temperatures

A toddler nearly frozen was found by police after spending the night in frigid temperatures in only a pajama top and socks. The incident happened in Warsaw, Poland, Sunday morning. Doctors are now fighting to save the 2-year-old boy who was discovered unconscious under a bunch of leaves by police officer Michal Godyn. It wasn’t far from the house he was at earlier — under a tree in the village of Raclawice located northeast of Krakow.

Doctors are now fighting to save his life while he’s in a medically-induced coma.

Huffington Post reports that the 2-year-old — known as Adam — was staying with his grandmother when he inexplicably got outside and spent the night in very cold temperatures. According to the report, it got down to 19 degrees overnight.

Dr. Janusz Skalski at the children’s hospital in Krakow says that the boy’s body temperature was at 54 degrees with his heart beating once every “few dozen seconds” when he arrived. The doctor adds that his body temperature has went up to 97-degrees, which is near normal. The toddler’s heartbeat is now restored, but he remains attached to a respirator. His lungs, kidneys, intestines, and liver are operating well. Dr. Skalski cautions that the child’s outcome hangs in the balance, however.

“It would be an absolute miracle if the child could be saved with no negative side effects,” the doctor says.

Officer Godyn recalls finding Adam unconscious outside Sunday morning.


“I cleared the leaves off his face and carried him in my arms to the nearest house,” Godyn says.

The toddler and two other children were reportedly spending Saturday night under the care of his grandmother. She doesn’t know how he left the home but it wasn’t locked, Godyn says. He was found in an area that was close to where his house is located.

A 20-year-old woman in Canada was found outside in -22 temperatures when she was a toddler and currently leads a normal life. Karlee Kosolofski was discovered frozen at the front door of her home when she went outside to follow her dad, who’d left for a while. Doctors revived her and medical experts called it nothing short of a “miracle.” The incident happened February 23, 1994, CBC News reports. Kofolofski was a light sleeper, her mother says. So, when she heard her dad leave the house in the middle of the night, she went out to see where he went. She was unable to reach the door knob and slept in sub-zero temperatures for five hours until her parents realized what happened.

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