Sean Hannity: Freezing Temperatures Prove Global Warming Is Fake

Sean Hannity has serious doubts about global warming, and on his program on Fox the commentator presented a piece of evidence he believed backed his point — a group of climate change scientists who got trapped in thick ice in Antarctica.

Hannity led a debate last week on global warming, which has been a hot topic in the wake of the brutal cold snap that has taken over most of the United States. On the show, Hannity and other climate change skeptics argued that changes in global temperatures were part of normal climate cycles that have existed for millions of years.

Climate change scientists have cited melting polar ice caps as evidence of global warming, but Hannity and others appearing on Monday said two trapped vessels in Antarctica throw a wrench in those arguments.

Sean Hannity has been criticized for his views of global warming in the past. On his radio show, Hannity has claimed that a period of dangerous “global cooling” is on the way due to something he called “solar hibernation.” Hannity claimed that his stance was backed by scientific research, but his source for this information has come under fire.

The idea of “solar hibernation” was popularized by a man named John Casey, who even other climate change skeptics have called a “scam artist.” Casey published his book on global warming with the help of an astrologer who claims to be the illegitimate daughter of Ernest Hemingway.

The segment on global warming Monday sparked a debate on Twitter, with many users praising Sean Hannity for refusing to fall for what they believe is an agenda on the part of climate change scientists. Other criticized him for discounting the wide consensus among scientists that climate change is real.

Sean Hannity is not the only one to debate global warming in the wake of the recent frigid weather. Real estate mogul Donald Trump recently called global warming “bull***t” because of the freezing weather sweeping America.