Matt Forte Injures Knee, Exits Game

So much for relying on the running game. Chicago Bears fans were dealt yet another blow on Sunday afternoon when star running back Matt Forte left the game with a right knee injury.

With six minutes remaining int he first quarter Forte was hit in the knee by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson and left the game immediately.

Forte managed to walk off the field under his own weight and then sat down on the team’s bench area where athletic trainers examined the knee. Moments after an initial examination Forte walked off the field and was announced as “out for the game.”

The loss comes as Forte has racked up 985 rushing yards and 490 receiving yards on the season while leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage.

The Chicago Bears are currently fighting in a tight race for an NFL wild card playoff spot under the leadership of Caleb Hanie who took over the starting quarterback job from Jay Cutler who broke his right thumb two weeks ago.

Forte’s injury comes just weeks after he turned down a long-term extension that would have paid the running back $13 million to $14 million.

It’s still unclear if Forte will return later in the season, the team will take an x-ray of the running backs knee and potentially an MRI if no immediate injury is revealed.

Do you think the Chicago Bears still have a shot at a playoff spot if Forte is out for the season and Caleb Hanie is left in charge of the teams playoff push?