Seconds After Saying ‘Jesus Died For Our Sins,’ CNN Cuts Off NFL Star In A Despicable Way

CNN is known for doing things that can be considered a bit weird. Obviously all networks have to protect their philosophy on how things work in society and in the universe itself. However, America is built in a simple thought. We have freedom, a freedom men and women die for every day. It makes someone wonder how free we truly are when people silence those who have a different opinion.

CNN recently had NFL football player Benjamin Watson on. Watson, who currently plays tight end for the New Orleans Saints, was on the network because of an essay that he posted on Facebook that managed to bring in around 750,000 likes. It was quite impressive and CNN wanted to talk with him about it all. The post was on, of course, the recent Ferguson, Missouri controversy. We all know that the news has been all over this like white on rice. However, this has been something that yet again made America take sides….most of the time from a racial standpoint.

Whether you agree with the verdict or not in Missouri, the riots and simple destruction is idiotic and wrong to say the very least. Ben seems to bring us back a bit to truly think about the situation. His interview was wonderful on his part; he said many great things.

As you can see from the video below, it appears that CNN is allowing Ben to say whatever he feels. They even allow him to talk of God and Jesus somewhat.

However, the video above from CNN’s YouTube page is by no means the entire interview. In fact, CNN cut off Benjamin toward the end of his interview. Ben is analyzing the situation yet again regarding Ferguson and basically says that the problem with people is on the inside. He claims that “Jesus died for our sins” and then begins to explain his words saying, “to me, on a micro level…” and is then cut off.

CNN cut Watson by basically removing the feed all together. As a person with a broadcasting degree, I can tell you that things do happen in production. We certainly cannot pretend instances do not occur when things mess up. However, they do not happen so perfectly timed. The interviewer didn’t ask Ben to wrap it up or even lead off of the segment to push to another. So it appears Ben’s words led to his early exit.

The cut-off was done purposely. There is no doubt in my mind or anyone else seeing it that CNN pulled the plug on this. The interviewer then claimed “and just like that, we lost him.”

This was possibly the most despicable thing we could see CNN do. Sure, the company has it’s own philosophy and did allow Ben to talk openly about sin. However, when he begins to go in depth on his message, suddenly CNN has no more time for him. A cable network that broadcasts 24 hours a day, has no time for Watson to get his full voice out, of which they brought him in to tell.

You can agree or disagree with Watson. Everyone has a right to have their own opinion in society. However, to cut a man off is not only rude, but childish. They cut the entire feed, and didn’t even bother going out to the host before cutting him out. They simply cut him in split-screen. Is it right for CNN to basically over censor a guest over the comments they pretty much wanted him to talk about? I’d say not.

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