'Destiny' Update Included Surprise Sword Swinging Public Event

The Destiny 1.1 update released to PlayStation and Xbox consoles on Monday brought major changes to Exotic armor and weapons as well as the game's economy. Bungie also slipped in a surprise that ties in nicely to The Dark Below DLC that is launching in exactly one week from today.

The Sword of Crota story mission in Destiny is generally referred to as one of the highlights of the main campaign simply because it takes a break from shooting and gives the player a massive sword to kill Hive with. Bungie seemingly is acknowledging the success of that mechanic with the Crota's End raid in The Dark Below expansion. To prepare players though, a new public event called The Blades of Crota was introduced with yesterday's update.

Multiple posters on Reddit discovered the event late last night and early this morning on the Earth and Moon. Unfortunately, I did not run across this at all in the couple of hours I played last night because I was busy tooling around on Venus.

So far, this new event has appeared while doing Patrol missions on Earth in the Steppes (in the tunnels below) Mothyards and the Divide as well the Anchor of Light and Hellmouth locations on the Moon. It starts with a text on the bottom left of the screen stating, "The Minions of Crota have started a ritual" followed by another message exclaiming "The Blades of Crota have invaded this world." A gold-tinted Hive Knight called "The Blade of Crota" then spawns.

When killed, this Knight drops a Sword that can be picked up and wielded by a player and used just like in the Sword of Crota mission against all nearby enemies. The sword only lasts for approximately one minute, however, so you'll want to go about your business quickly.

For those that don't know, here are the button combinations for the PlayStation and Xbox controls to use the sword effectively.

PS3 / PS4 Sword Controls

  • R1 – Quick Attack
  • R2 – Heavy Attack
  • R1 x 2 – 2-hit combo
  • R1 x 3 – 3-hit combo
  • R1, R2 – 2-hit heavy combo
  • R1 x 2, R2 – 3-hit heavy combo
  • Jump (X), R2 – Sword Slam
  • R1 + L1 with super meter full – Sword's Super Attack
Xbox 360 / One Sword Controls
  • RB – Quick Attack
  • RT – Heavy Attack
  • RB x 2 – 2-hit combo
  • RB x 3 – 3-hit combo
  • RB, RT – 2-hit heavy combo
  • RB x 2, RT – 3-hit heavy combo
  • Jump (A), RT – Sword Slam
  • RB + LB with super meter full – Sword's Super Attack
Happy hunting Guardians. Let us know if what you think of this new public event for Destiny in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie, Redditor darianivan]