June 29, 2017
Paris Hilton Death Threats: Anti-Semite Says 'One Month And She's Dead'

Paris Hilton is the target of an anti-Semitic man's recent death threats.

TMZ reports that the man posted messages on his Facebook and Instagram accounts threatening to kill Paris Hilton as well as her father, Rick Hilton.

The man threatened Paris' father by stating "one month, and she's dead, she's never coming home."

That is not where the man decided to stop with his threats against Paris Hilton either. The report further states that he discussed raping and beating her as well in a different post.

"Invite [Paris] to the match so we can gang raper [sic] her ass hahahahahaha... I'll beat u and that b-tch to unconscious [sic]."
Believing that the 33-year-old socialite and her father are Jewish, the anti-Semite also wrote "KILL JEWS FOR FUN" and included an awkward accusation in one of his posts claiming that the Hilton family is cheap.
"I know ur Jew family gives nothing."
The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating these death threats to track down the man behind them. Inside sources claim that the cops have an idea who that man is but they have to first receive a verification for the Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to move forward with an arrest.

This is reportedly not the first time that Paris Hilton has been the target of death threats over the years. TV3 reports that the reality TV starlet was targeted by an abundance of threats from prison inmates back in May of 2007. At that time, Hilton was sentenced to serve a 45-day sentence in jail in June of the same year.

Inside sources opened up about some of the messages that Paris Hilton had been receiving at that time, including "We're going to get you" and "I'm going to kill you." One person even went as far as saying that she would steal Paris' shoes when she arrived at the prison and beat her to a pulp if she argued.

Back in 2010, a knife-wielding stalker that tried to break into Paris' house confronted her directly. Since she has experienced that type of attack, Paris Hilton reportedly opened up in a past interview about her paranoia.

"I fear someone coming up behind me or out of the crowd. I don't trust many outside my family. I suspect they are after something from me."
Rick Hilton currently has an estimated net worth of $300 million while his daughter, Paris Hilton, has a net worth of $100 million.

[Image Credit: Novosti]