WWE News: Vince McMahon Hopes That CM Punk Will Eventually Return To WWE

It was reported on Monday afternoon that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was planning to ask WWE chairman Vince McMahon about former WWE superstar CM Punk on Austin’s live podcast that followed Monday’s RAW. Well, about halfway into the show, Austin asked McMahon about the CM Punk situation, and McMahon talked more about Punk than most people expected that he would.

Austin compared Punk’s exit to his own exit back in 2002, and talked about how former WWE announcer Jim Ross was responsible for Austin’s return to WWE in early 2003. Austin asked McMahon if he had someone like Ross now that could reach out to Punk, and try to get WWE and Punk back on the same page. McMahon said no, and explained that because there’s no middle-man, it makes it harder to get someone like Punk who walked out, to eventually come back.

McMahon said that he didn’t listen to CM Punk’s appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, which was released this past Thursday. However, McMahon did make references to some of Punk’s comments during his interview with Austin, saying that “I’m not out of touch like most people think I am,” a number of times, which was one of Punk’s criticisms of McMahon during his chat with Colt Cabana.

McMahon also noted that Punk may end up regretting his comments, and will one day be interested in reconnecting with WWE, and that the door would always be open for a Punk return because he is all about doing what’s best for business.

There are past WWE superstars that have left the company that had more heat with McMahon that eventually ended up returning, and McMahon named all of them. Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan all had heated disagreements with the WWE chairman that led to them walking out of WWE, but all of them eventually returned to the company.

After Punk’s interview with Cabana, the general feeling was that Punk would never, ever return to WWE. However, McMahon said on Austin’s podcast that he hoped that was not the case, and that he would like to work with Punk at some point in the future.

It seemed like the CM Punk talk was what WWE fans were wanting to hear, and Steve Austin gave McMahon the chance to address all of it. It didn’t seem like McMahon was backing down from Punk, it seemed more like McMahon was disappointed that Punk’s relationship with WWE ended so abruptly and poorly, and that he wants Punk back in WWE.