WWE News: Kurt Angle To Decide Between TNA Or WWE Tomorrow

In the early 2000s, Kurt Angle made an immediate impact on the WWE. Quickly after that, Angle became one of the best in the business. On top of the impeccable wrestling skills that earned him a gold medal in the 1996 Olympic Games, his charisma and microphone skills proved to be fantastic during the prime of his career. Angle had the potential to wrestle a 5-star match and then provide comic relief backstage. Anybody remember “Sexy Kurt?”

When Angle left WWE in 2006, he ventured over to TNA and never left. Angle arguably found great success at Impact Wrestling by winning the TNA World Heavyweight championship on five different occasions.

The last update on Kurt Angle was that an eventual return to the WWE looked very bleak. TNA’s new television deal may continue the stifling of Angle in WWE, too. For the wrestling fans out there, they won’t have to wait long to here the answer as Angle is about to unveil his decision as to where he will wrestle next tomorrow.

Kurt Angle is just a day away before officially making his decision on going to WWE or TNA. Kurt was going to reveal his decision on Vince Russo’s “The Swerve” podcast this week, but timing didn’t allow it. However, Kurt will still be joining Vince for a candid interview on what was going through his mind leading up to the big decision about his future.

In addition, Kurt Angle sat down with Vince Russo for a nearly 90-minute video shoot interview that will be released Wednesday for VIP subscribers. If you’re not a member of Vince Russo’s VIP section, you can sign up by visiting here: www.pyroandballyhoo.com/vip

Angle’s situation with the WWE is that of intrigue and confusion. A few months ago, it was reported that Angle was very interested in a WWE return. Since his history of injuries and drug/alcohol problems arose, Vince McMahon and HHH were pretty hesitant to bring back the World Heavyweight champion.

After that came out, it was then said that Triple H wanted to have Angle work a full schedule, kind of like the contract Chris Jericho would sign. That’s where the problems arose. Angle didn’t think his body could endure a schedule with that many dates. So, Angle wanted to sign a part-time deal, kind of along the lines of a Brock Lesnar-esque schedule. Before any assumptions are made, Angle would show up more than once every 300 days.

Would Kurt Angle be a good fit in WWE? This writer certainly thinks so. His entrance music is one of the best in WWE history. His in-ring work and leadership in the locker room would fill an open spot that CM Punk left. That locker room needs veterans, especially right now. Unfortunately, he will probably go to TNA. They are on the Destination America network now.

[Image via wrestlingnews.co]