Michelle Money, Cody Sattler Update: How Did The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Spend Thanksgiving?

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler fell in love during Bachelor in Paradise, and fans are thrilled to see that they’re still together and very much in love. While Michelle and Cody haven’t dished on any plans for their future together, necessarily, they do gush over one another often on social media and fans eat it up. What’s the latest from the couple and how did they spend their first Thanksgiving together?

Cody Sattler moved to Utah soon after the Bachelor in Paradise finale to be with Michelle Money and her daughter, Brielle, and the two have been virtually inseparable ever since. What did Michelle and Cody do for their first Thanksgiving together? It seems they had quite the day, as they shared photos from San Francisco where they attended the game between the 49ers and Seattle Seahawks. They also shared a few other pictures from their time in California together, and it looks like it was quite the trip.

Money regularly posts photos showing Cody and her daughter, Brielle, together, and it’s clear the trio has formed quite the tight family unit in their months together since filming. Cody gushes over Michelle a lot too, and a recent Facebook post had Bachelor in Paradise fans swooning. Sattler wrote that he loves Michelle more than he will ever be able to tell her and he’s thankful to have her and Brielle in his life. He added hashtags indicating that she’s his soulmate and his everything.

The duo chatted with Good 4 Utah recently and shared some updates on their life together and a bit about their plans for the future. Money teased that they aren’t actually engaged right now, and Sattler joked that the discussion was making him sweat a bit. However, it’s clear that the two have already talked quite a bit about getting married and building a life together.

Michelle and Cody mention that they were invited to do the Tournament of Roses parade float that The Bachelor franchise is doing on New Year’s Day. It seems that Money and Sattler decided to go ahead and do the appearance, though they had some reservations. The two say they actually live a very ordinary, low-key life, but fans will be glad to see them in the parade. Michelle now is part of the Good 4 Utah morning show host panel, and Cody is working on developing an online training program and line of supplements.

By the looks of things, Michelle and Cody are very likely going to be planning a more permanent future together before too much more time goes by. Will Michelle Money and Cody Sattler walk down the aisle at some point? Bachelor in Paradise fans suspect they will, but for now they’ll have to stay tuned and watch for updates.

Updated: Unfortunately for fans who loved this couple together, Cody Sattler and Michelle Money have split, and they’ve confirmed the news via their social media pages.

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