Mexico: 5 More Dead Bodies Found Mutilated In Vehicle In Chilapa, Guerrero

Mexican officials have found the bodies of five dead people in the area of Chilapa. The bodies, which are said to be in mutilated condition, have not been identified. Mexican law enforcement officers found the bodies on the night of Saturday, November 29, dumped in the back of a vehicle, ABC News is reporting today. Authorities believe that the victims were kidnapped on Wednesday, November 26, as they traveled in their vehicle in the El Jaguey area. This comes after news that police found 11 more headless bodies near the area just days ago.

Regarding the 11 decapitated bodies, Chilapa police released the following statement on their official Facebook page, according to Telesurtv Mexico.

“The Municipal Ministry of Public Security informs that today at 7:30 am…bodies were found on fire, approximately 200 meters away from the road that leads to Ayahualulco()when the police arrived, beheaded burning bodies were found.”

The mutilated, burned corpses found in Chilapa are in the same state of Guerrero, where the infamous 43 went missing. In September, 43 students vanished, causing friends and family to suffer for many weeks to find out information on what happened to them. Many of the remains have still not been identified. The Mexican prosecutor of the state of Guerrero tells media outlets that the crimes all appear to be gang related. Inquisitr reported on the death of Mexican blogger Maria Del Rosario Fuentes, whose photos were posted on Twitter by gangs.

The president of Mexico is outraged by the ‘barbarity and cruelty’ that his country has endured. He vows to set a plan in motion to significantly reduce the problem. The brutality seen in the country has been an ongoing problem for decades but has escalated tremendously in the last decade. In 2011, 73 migrant workers were slaughtered on a ranch in San Fernando in Tamaulipas by members of the drug cartel. It was reported that the workers were from Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The group of migrants were traveling through Mexico on their way to the United States but were accosted by gunmen who threatened to take their cash and demanded that they work as hired killers. When the illegal immigrants refused, they were all shot to death and left in heaps on the property. Mexican police made the discovery after one of the migrants escaped and happened upon a checkpoint, according to Fox News.