‘Little People, Big World’ Update: How Are Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Doing Now?

Fans of Little People, Big World recently watched Jeremy Roloff marry Audrey Botti in the season finale of the show, and fans are curious what the couple is up to now. By the looks of Jeremy and Audrey’s social media pages, they’ve had a whirlwind few months. What’s the latest?

Shortly after Audrey and Jeremy’s wedding and honeymoon, the Roloffs moved to California. Jeremy shared a photo of Audrey and their first dinner in their new place via Instagram, but the Little People, Big World star had a story to tell along with it.

Apparently, Audrey broke her foot just minutes after the newlyweds moved into their new home. Jeremy says they reached out to a nearby church and five people showed up within minutes to help them. He said they are “stoked” to get to know the community.

Jeremy adds that driving in Los Angeles is “like a video game only with real consequences.” He shares that he made the table in the photo he shared from reclaimed wood and a door he found on the farm, and he plans to add a glass table to the top. It definitely seems that the Little People, Big World stars are embracing their new city, even though it comes with some big changes compared to where they previously lived.

More recently, Jeremy shared a picture of his brother, and noted that he was missing him. The picture showed Jacob Roloff standing in the moving van, as it seems he was a big help as Jeremy and Audrey packed up for their big “SoCal adventure.” Though the newlyweds may be many miles away from family as they start their new lives together, it’s clear that they all remain close.

How did Jeremy and Audrey spend their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple? They took a road trip, it seems, and spent the day with his grandparents, aunt, and uncle in Grass Valley, California. Audrey shared via Instagram that the couple had done some camping over the weekend, and both reality TV stars have been using the hashtags “Life or Bust” and “Journey of Jer and Auj” in many of their posts.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are indeed making fans smile as they share this next step of their journey together. The past few months have been jam-packed with adventure and change, but it seems that the two are embracing every moment along the way.

Will there be more of the Roloff family on TLC in the months ahead? At this point, that remains to be seen. Many are hopeful that Little People, Big World will return with at least a handful of episodes again, to share Zack and Tori’s wedding like they did with Jeremy and Audrey’s, if nothing else. For now, fans will have to stay tuned for news from the network or the Roloff family though.

[Image via Instagram]