Kendra Wilkinson Reveals What It Was Like To Have Sex With A Man 60 Years Older Than Her

During a recent episode of the UK version of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Kendra Wilkinson made some shocking revelations about what life was like for her when she lived in the Playboy Mansion as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend.

The fact that she was only 18 at the time, and Hefner was a respectable 78, having sexual relations with a man so many years her senior was tricky.

“I just wanted to party. And I had a damn good time. It was so much fun. Hef asked me to be one of his girlfriends and live in the mansion and I was like, ‘I don’t even know what that means, but hell, yeah! I’m there!’ I was living in this (small) apartment. I was praying for anything to get me out of there. I moved in and weeks went by and I didn’t know that sex was involved. Because I knew nothing about Playboy. I had just graduated high school.”

The fact that she admitted that she needed to be “drunk and stoned” during the act all those years ago isn’t surprising, and speaks volumes about what the experience was like for Kendra.

As she explained in her own words, “I was usually very, very drunk doing those evenings, I tended not to care about much until the next day. I had to be very drunk or smoke lots of weed to survive those nights. At about the minute mark, I pulled away and it was done. It was like a job. Clock in, clock out. It’s not like I enjoyed having sex with him.”

In more shocking revelations, Kendra Wilkinson also spoke previously about how her first sexual experience was performed in front of a room of seven other women, at the Playboy Mansion, in Hefner’s own bedroom during a wild party he was hosting.

The revelations on the show somewhat overshadowed her recent issues with husband Hank Baskett, who allegedly cheated on her with a transsexual model who he paid not to talk about the affair.