Thanksgiving ‘Pregnant Turkey’ Prank Goes Viral [Video]

A Thanksgiving prank that features a “pregnant turkey” has gone viral again for the second year in a row. The video shows the poor victim in tears after she finds a “baby turkey” inside the already cooked larger bird.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Nerissa Hawkinson last year following a prank on a girl that is devastated after she finds a “baby turkey” inside of the larger turkey as she is removing stuffing. The video has now received over 5.8 million views, and has been shared heavily over social media once again this year.

In the video, the girl can be seen removing stuffing from the Thanksgiving bird. After removing the stuffing, she notices something else in the cavity of the turkey. She pulls out the roasted body of a smaller bird. The girl looks shocked and says, “Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey?”

The girl begins to cry as she thinks she has just pulled the body of a “baby turkey” out of its mother’s roasted womb.

“Mom this isn’t funny. I am crying. Mom, it’s a baby turkey in the turkey’s a girl. I’m sad right now. Stop recording. Mom she was pregnant!”

The poor girl in the video was so upset she probably forgot that turkeys do not house their young in their stomachs, but rather lay eggs.

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What do you think of the “pregnant turkey” Thanksgiving prank? What was your favorite Thanksgiving Day prank on the web this year?