Mystery Booms Over Britain: Could It Be UFOs, Or Was It Putin’s Jets?

Last night, citizens across the Britain, from London to Aberdeen, complained about loud mystery booms that shook windows and left pets as spooked as their owners.

The mystery booms were reported around 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. GMT, and many took to Twitter for answers and to voice their concerns. Some were concerned that the mystery booms were sonic booms from jets carrying out routine military exercises. However, the Ministry of Defence denied any knowledge of jets being scrambled.

russian warplanes
Russian planes intercepted by NATO jets after 'unusual activity' over the Atlantic, Baltic, and Black Sea.

Recently, Russian military aircrafts have been caught in NATO airspace actively carrying out military exercises. According to the Mirror, a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said that apart from fireworks display in Croydon (South London), they were unaware of any ongoing incidents the bangs could be related to.

Croydon, South London: Fireworks were reported but the mystery boom could be heard throughout Britain

Others thought that the loud noises might be due to unusual weather events, such as space weather, electrical storms, or ferocious thunder storms.

But the Met Office said today that there had been no reports of such weather last night.

A spokesman told the Mail Online, “It definitely wasn’t meteorological.”

On social media, many speculated far and wide.

Despite the mystery booms being heard across the length and breadth of Britain, no one has claimed responsibility for them.

[Image via Google Images and Webb Aviation Aerial Photography]