WWE News: Colt Cabana Reveals Why CM Punk Spoke Openly About WWE

It took one hour and 58 minutes, but CM Punk spoke up about his departure from WWE. Select WWE fans agree with why he left, and find it completely justified. While others are sitting there in absolute disgust that his opinion on WWE is objective and not the universal understanding of the business. Like him or not, but Punk had the gall to stand up for what he believed in. Not many others have done that in the past.

Just like normal scenarios in everyday life, after CM Punk opened up about his frustrations, the WWE decided to respond individually. Ryback came back and said that he would expose Punk as a liar. WWE issued an official statement on Punk’s accusations on Dr. Chris Amann, which were very serious. The Road Dogg Jesse James defended WWE like a good soldier, saying there are always two sides to a story.

Like a good narrative, there’s always the reason why something happens. Certain people in society think there’s a reason for every action. To continue the story, Colt Cabana came out and explained why CM Punk chose to speak upon his tale.

“Punk has had this incredible story basically kept to himself for a long time now. There’s been so many people bugging and pushing and intruding. I hope this gives HIM closure & I hope it gives YOU closure.”

Was Cabana right? Did it give the WWE Universe closure? It was as if CM Punk broke up with the WWE fans without a reason why. Let’s not forget that Punk simply walked away with a multitude of injuries and the feeling of being burnt out. He also never quit officially. WWE fired him on his wedding day with a pink slip, and still no sign of a royalty check that was owed to him.

On Art of Wrestling, Punk finally displayed his reasons as to why he left. The great thing about professional wrestling is the fact that everyone has an opinion. Differing people that don’t like Punk will think he’s still a coward who left after not getting what he wants. There’s the other side of the argument that claims Punk had every right to leave. Regardless of what anyone thinks, he’s still the talk of the wresting world 10 months later.

There was a brief moment where the “CM PUNK” chants stopped, but that was due to the white-hot Daniel Bryan and his resurgence to the top of WWE. Nobody had a problem with Bryan stifling the Punk chants because he deserved the spotlight. Once Bryan went out with a serious injury, the Punk chants came back in full-force. On Monday Night RAW tomorrow night, expect the same to occur. The BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be deafening.

[Image via Tumblr.com]