Woman Obsessed With Ultra-Realistic Dolls Can’t Get A Boyfriend

Victoria Andrews, a 22-year-old trainee accountant from Berkshire can’t find a boyfriend because of her obsession with dolls.

Her interest in dolls started when she was a teenager and from then, her collection grew. She stumbled upon the realistic dolls online and found them cute. She now has 51 ultra-realistic dolls with several carrying baskets and 100 outfits for them. Her collection amounts to £30,000 and she purchases dolls priced up to £800 each, Mirror UK reports.

Sometimes, Victoria brings one of her dolls to work. She said that women don’t seem to mind, but men find the dolls scary. It even affects her romantic life and scares off potential boyfriends when she brings the dolls to her dates.

“The boyfriends I’ve had often complain about them. They hate it when I take them out with us – I think they find it all a bit creepy.”

Victoria said that her dolls give her the experience and fun of having children without having the responsibility that goes with it.

Ultra-Realistic Dolls

The first realistic doll Victoria bought was named Charlotte and she had to pay £250 to purchase the doll. After her first purchase, she knew she had to have more.

“As an adult I’ve sacrificed my social life and love life for them – but I know they’re worth it.”

Victoria is an accountancy student who works in the evenings just so she could have money to spend on her dolls, according to Daily Mail UK. She knows that she spends a lot of money on the realistic dolls, but she said that it’s “money well spent.”

Living at home with her parents and purchasing her clothes from charity shops helps Victoria save money and spend more on her dolls. She even sacrifices her nights out and would rather stay at home. She also said that she gets anxious when she is away from her babies and can’t wait to get out of work to be with them.

“I often stay home and brush their hair or change their outfits. Occasionally I will pick one up for a cuddle. It can be very comforting at the end of a hectic day.”

When meeting new men, Victoria typically warns them about her doll obsession by dropping the topic in a conversation “as if it’s no big deal.”

At the moment, Victoria is single. She says that she doesn’t plan to stop purchasing the realistic dolls anytime soon. However, she is open to the possibility of selling some of her expensive dolls in the future when she plans to get a house for herself.

[Images via Mirror UK]