‘Star Wars’ Trailer Narrator Confirmed, And It’s Not Who You Think

The Star Wars trailer anticipation has been out of this world, and Friday morning the world was able to wake up from their turkey hangovers to 88 seconds of wild-eyed childhood glory reborn.

Of course, after most of us — as in Star Wars fans — watched it four times we began to have debates across the Internet as to who could possibly be narrating the voice-over.

Benedict Cumberbatch was everyone’s best guess. The SW narrator had the same deep, throaty, British drawl of Cumberbatch’s work in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Multiple sites had all but confirmed that it was, in fact, Sherlock himself drawing us back to that long time ago and galaxy far, far away.

Well, Saturday night, it was revealed how wrong Team Cumberbatch truly was.

Drew McWeeny of HitFix confirmed that the voice in the Star Wars trailer is not that of Cumberbatch but instead one of the Episode 7 stars.

Andy Serkis, a cast member of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the performance capture great who gave us Gollum, among other top animated characters, is the one speaking about “darkness” and “light.”

While McWeeny admitted that he could not confirm what type of role Andy Serkis would play in the new film, he was able to put this argument to rest.

McWeeny explains.

“Look, I understand why there was some debate about the voice-over today. We’ve never really heard that voice come out of Serkis before. By now, though, one of the things we know about him is that he vanishes into roles, and it sounds like he’s going to be doing something very different again this time.

“But they’re not hiding Cumberbatch from you, folks. While they haven’t told us much about the characters, Disney and Lucasfilm were pretty up front about the cast before they started production.”

So there you have it. If you haven’t seen the Star Wars trailer yet — and I mean the actual trailer, not this slick-looking fan-made one — then you’ll want to give it a look now.

(Even if you have seen it, why not one more time? You know you want to.)

So, readers, let us have your thoughts and opinions. Do you think the newly released Star Wars trailer was worth the wait and buildup, or did it leave you with much to be desired?

Also, do you believe that Cumberbatch will turn up somewhere else in the film or film series before all is said and done? And what did you think of Andy Serkis’ voice-work?