Six-Year-Old Brings Down The House At School Talent Show With His Michael Jackson ‘Smooth Criminal’ Routine

The smooth moves of six-year-old Willie Osborn wowed the crowd at his elementary school talent show recently.

Dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” young Willie (in a spot on outfit) showed moves not many twice his age could muster. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, is actually not the first time Willie has impressed a crowd with his skills. He’d made headlines before with a “Smooth Criminal” rendition complete with backup dancers at a talent show in Indiana.

It’s safe to say this little guy won the Coolidge Elementary talent show with his immaculate dance moves. And one can just imagine that the kid succeeding his act would have one heck of a show to follow.

Watch as the adorable tyke busts out some of MJ’s signature moves in his perfectly choreographed dance routine.

And here’s the original “Smooth Criminal” music video for comparison: