Justin Bieber Builds Thanksgiving Snowman With Pastor’s Daughter In New Jersey

Can we call Justin Bieber a Jersey Boy yet?

After hotfooting it to New York City the day before his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez debuted her song about their breakup at the American Music Awards, the 20-year-old superstar is spending more time at the family home of his friend, pastor Carl Lentz, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

On Wednesday, Justin shared a pic to Instagram of him playing in a snow-filled yard with one of Lentz’s daughters. The pastor, who co-founded and leads Hillsong NYC Church, has three young children — two girls and a boy — with his wife Laura.

The “Heartbreaker” star captioned the cute picture, “Made a snowman with this little cutie. Make memories with the ones you love! #happythanksgiving.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber builds a snowman and plays with one of Pastor Carl Lentz's two daughters at the preacher's home in Glen Ridge, New Jersey)

For their hijinks in the snow, the Canadian singer sported an almost all-black ensemble of hiking boots, pants, hooded jacket and a maroon beanie. His young pal wore pink pajama pants, a short, black coat and faux-fur lined, lace-up brown boots.

As for the snowman, the portly one sported fruity facial features, including a banana nose, tree branches for arms, a backwards baseball cap and what seems to be a mostly orange skateboard placed against it.

In the background of Justin’s snap, an individual — who may have been the pastor’s wife, Laura — is seen capturing the playful pair on film. Laura later commented by the singer’s upload of the snowy scene, writing, “My favorites.”

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, also sent festive greetings to Lentz and his artist in one tweet.

Laura Lentz
(Photo:Pastor Carl Lentz's wife, Laura Lentz, commented on Justin's Instagram, writing, 'My favorites')

It’s not surprising Justin is spending Thanksgiving with pastor Lentz’s family. Following his split with Selena, Bieber stayed in Glen Ridge with the pastor from late October into early November. The duo were seen at numerous Hillsong NYC Church services, a bible study meeting with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and various basketball games.

As the Inquisitr reported, the singer told a group of fans during a recent online exchange that he has stopped smoking weed and is “making a change” in his life. This decision took place during Justin’s seemingly ongoing religious-spiritual step-up. He was also seen with pastor Judah Smith of the Seattle-based The City Church in Rancho Mirage, just outside Palm Springs on and after the weekend of November 15.

On a more fun note, it’s likely the Biebs chose to be with Lentz’s family for Thanksgiving simply because he feels welcome and more connected to his Christian faith.

Lentz previous told the New York Post that when he first met the then 14-year-old singer at a New Jersey concert in 2008, he prayed that the young star would “make it.”

The 36-year-old preacher added, “I have a special role in Justin’s life, spiritually, but… I’m not a life-motivational guy. We’re talking about making sure his life remains a blessing, not a burden.”

Whatever Lentz is doing, it certainly seems to be making the singer happier. Hours earlier, Justin cut a lonely figure in a pic he shared on his Shots account of himself in a Japanese restaurant after eating food cooked on a hibachi.

“Hibachi alone isn’t as fun,” he wrote, next to an almost comically moody snap.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed Twitter held talks with the two co-founders of the Shots app that the singer reportedly backed by $1.1. million in the second round of investment.

Twitter was ablaze with speculation on Monday, after CFO Anthony Noto accidentally sent a tweet saying he wanted to make a deal.

The next day, CNBC reported Twitter is attracted to Shots’ user demographic base. The selfie app serves over 3 million users. Nearly two-thirds of them are young women under 24 who signed up to the service of because of Justin’s connection.

No doubt, many of those young women appreciated the heartthrob’s late Wednesday night selfie showing him in bed, alongside a sassy caption.

“Night children daddy’s going to bed,” Justin wrote, adding an emoji.

And, according to the Biebs’ latest Shots, he and pastor Lentz are out and about today for Thanksgiving.

It makes a change from clubbing in Los Angeles at any rate.

Justin Bieber and Carl
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Pastor Carl Lentz hit the road on Thursday, November 27)
Justin bed
(Photo: Justin Bieber's message to fans read, "Night children daddy's going to bed ")

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