Nicki Minaj Disses Access Hollywood On The Red Carpet

If you’re anyone in Hollywood, even if you don’t like talking to the press, Access Hollywood is one of the few that everyone stops for at a red carpet event. Stars usually play along with their lifestyle questions and gossip poking before moving on to the next person. Rapper Nicki Minaj apparently didn’t get that memo when she stepped out on the red carpet.

Access Hollywood reporter Liz Hernandez tweeted her disappointment at the rapper’s attitude while covering an event. She even went as far as to say that she felt “embarrassed” for ever supporting Nicki Minaj in the first place.

“Never in the workplace has someone been so disrespectful to me as Nicki Minaj yesterday. I feel embarrassed to have supported her as a fan.”

@LizHernandez What blows my mind even more is how someone could be disrespectful to you. You are the most down to earth person ever. — Nicky Ethier (@Reinita625) November 24, 2014

This isn’t the first time Minaj has acted disrespectfully at a work function with an Access Hollywood reporter. Back in 2013 Access Hollywood reporter Laura Saltman was called out on the red carpet for asking a question Minaj didn’t want to answer. At the time Minaj addressed her question.

“That question didn’t even make sense, so if you want me to insinuate what you’re talking about, then I’m not going to. Let’s just have some straight forward–“

When Saltman jumped in to clarify, Minaj quickly said goodbye and walked to the next reporter, completely dismissing Access Hollywood. After that occurrence Saltman called Minaj “the most ungracious of anyone I have met.”

Following that, Paper Magazine’s editorial director Mickey Boardman called working with her for two weeks “not fun.”

“It was two weeks of hideous torture and [her] walking off shoots. We had hired a photographer who’d shot her before. She liked the pictures, so we got him to shoot her again for the cover a year or two later. The first day of the shoot, she was locked in a room with her hair and makeup team.”

“She came out and it was a mess. The photographer took some shots and she said, “Let me see.” He [showed her] five frames and she walked off — it was insanity.”

As for Lisa Hernandez, her last tweet left off on a positive note.

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