Ferguson Riots, Michael Brown, And Why The Right Message Can Be Convoluted By Wrong Actions

Many opinions have come out about Ferguson and Michael Brown. It’s true that any advice from a fair-skinned gentleman seems to not only fall on deaf ears, but is considered racist. In some ways, you are correct. It should be a black American who rallies and unifies other black Americans like a Martin Luther King. The issues will certainly have a better chance of being fixed. It is also incorrect.

As the Inquisitr reported, President Obama weighed in. He may not have done harm, but did not help. The community in Ferguson needed calm. Ferguson needed time for reflection. They needed their preachers and community to come to together to work together, to change hearts and minds. Instead, Ferguson got looting and chaos.

Bob McCullough, the Ferguson prosecutor on Michael Brown’s case, was wrong to attack media and social media? Were you watching the nonsense? Anyone who aided, abetted, stirred racial tension and rioted in Ferguson deserves to be arrested themselves. You honor no one’s memory by inciting mobs, violence, and racial tensions. All you do is serve your own emotion and agenda.

No one should be rejoicing. Justice is not always like we see in action films. Sometimes it appears deplorable and unpalatable, but the law and lady justice are blind. She is blind for a reason.

If some in Ferguson investigated on their own and found out there was any tampering, show it. If the cop who shot Michael Brown had a racist past, expose it. However, the actions taken in Ferguson and yet to be taken, will not find answers. It will not bring Michael Brown back. It will not find the “justice” they claim to seek in Ferguson, California, or New York.

This is not to pretend that the Ferguson police are perfect. They botched a lot of this from the start. Leaving so much quiet and Michael Brown’s body on the street. There is obviously tensions we do not understand in Ferguson. However, this explosion is not justified, but certainly aided by outside agitators.

I want to believe there are protestors in Ferguson, and other protestors who are normal, average concerned Americans, but they need to get their message out over the noise. Unfortunately, as they say in the media, “If it bleeds, it leads.” The violence and carnage, like Hollywood, is all they seem to care about. We need to say a prayer for Ferguson and for this country.

All the while everyone is rioting in Ferguson and elsewhere over a “racist” claim, that as far we can see is not, but might never know. Injustice with the police, police brutality, police militarization, or the trashing of our rights are happening every day.

Some of this certainly can be tied to poverty, broken families, and lack of father figures, but we do not fix that with riots, laws or police sensitivity.

Where are the Martin Luther Kings in Ferguson? Martin Luther King once spoke of being known by the “content of your character” versus “the color of your skin.” What a profound notion that is missing from modern racial conversation. Though his words weighed heaviest in the gravity that was racial oppression in his time, the insightful meaning can, and was meant to, carry forth to all.

Martin Luther King spoke of unity, not of diversity. Dr. King’s equality spoke of equality of worth, not necessarily forced equality of economics. It was not of affirmative action or quotas. Black, white, red, or green, all life is sacred. All life matters.

Racism is alive and well in America; to the race hustlers, race pimps, peddlers, and snake oil salesmen who take advantage of the destitute, desperate, and downtrodden. They should be ashamed of themselves, but most times they are celebrated and given commentary positions at MSNBC. The Telegraph reported on his usual performance in Ferguson.

It is an incorrect world view from a long, thankfully, forgotten past. Leaders from a dead era still searching for relevance with their own agendas. Political leaders and parties looking to garner votes. This is as despicable as the racism they prey on. Seducing the meek or weak is just as deplorable because it keeps them down just as much.

Racism is not something that can be stamped out. It’s an idea in a person’s heart or mind, but it does not make it an epidemic, nor a pandemic. We should be careful of charging racism in a case like Michael Brown’s in Ferguson. It should never be taken lightly.

They are correct though. It is long past time to discuss race. It is long overdue these stewards of hate and those in the business of racism be sent packing. These morally bankrupt hate mongers need to be kicked out and fill the void with open dialogue.

If we don’t, then do not be surprised if we repeat Ferguson’s violent results over the Michael Brown verdict cycle after cycle, over and over again.

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.” – Ronald Reagan

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