‘Yale Goalkeeper’ Phenomenally Blocks Five Penalty Kicks With His Face! [Video]

Sometimes in sports — whether they be truly competitive or entertainment — there are just instances or circumstances that make fans jump out of their seats in awe. The Inquisitr does its best reporting on some of the most iconic and breathtaking moments athletics have to offer. The latest in such a case is the iconic wrestler Sting finally stepping into a World Wrestling Entertainment ring at WWE Survivor Series 2014.

However, there are times when something is just so insane that it is truly unbelievable. That is the case with “Yale goalkeeper” Scott Sterling who blocked all five penalty kicks in a soccer game — with his face!

According to an article by the Bleacher Report, the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels were tied at two each, resulting in a penalty shootout. The goalkeeper for the Yale Bulldogs, Scott Sterling, was the one with the world on his shoulders as he would need to prevent North Carolina from scoring five times. During the first two dives, it is evident that Sterling is trying his best to prevent the other team from scoring. It just so happens that his best involves his face.

It is with the third penalty kick that Scott Sterling seems to no longer care about winning as he curls up into the fetal position at one end of the goal. All the opposing player needs to do is do a swift kick right into the goal right? Unfortunately, Sterling’s face desires to feel the wrath of a soccer ball, clocking in at more than 100 kilometers per hour, as it once again “blocks” North Carolina’s attempt to score. Afterwards, penalty kicks number four and five take a turn for the ridiculous as Sterling “blocks” penalty kicks attempts with his face while sitting in a chair in the fourth and crawling away from the goal in the fifth.

Unbelievable right? Well, the reason why it is unbelievable is because the video is a humorous parody made by BYUtv, as reported by ESPN. Still, BYUtv made a gem in which over 11 million people have viewed the video with over 50,000 likes. Must mean they are doing something right, right?

Now that you’ve seen the epic feat of “Yale goalkeeper” Scott Sterling blocking five penalty kicks with his face, what are your views about it? Did you find the parody video entertaining?

[Image via YouTube]