Acer VP Scott Lin Says Netbooks Will Remain In Production

Acer plans to continue their Netbook push into 2012 according to company Vice President Scott Lin. Citing an increased need in developing countries including India, Indonesia and China he says they will still create the netbooks to satiate the need for certain regions where tablets are not yet in demand.

Lin told DigiTimes that Samsung and Dell backing out of the industry, especially in China, could allow Acer to grab a larger market share and fill the void that other major computer retailers are leaving behind.

While the announcement is good news for Acer it does show that they realize the shift in product types as they shift their attention towards specialized markets rather than attempting to keep their notebooks mainstreamed.

Over the summer Acer remained the world’s largest Netbook provider with 1.7 million units sold and a 22 percent market share.

In the meantime Lin continues to underplay the impact the iPad has had on the market, stating that Apple’s impact will continue to dwindle heading into the new quarter.

In the meantime Acer’s “Ultrabooks” have failed to gain the pop culture momentum the company had hoped for while Asus and Samsung have both stepped back to focus more of their efforts on the burgeoning tablet market, mainly through the use of the Google Android OS.

Do you think offering their netbooks in specialized markets is the right move for Acer as they attempt to keep their netbook segment alive and kicking or should they focus more of their attention on the growing tablet market in developed countries?