UN Finds Syrian Forces Guilty Of Killing 256 Children

In what can easily be described as a disgusting and inhumane act of brutal killings the United Nations on Monday concluded that the Syrian forces committed hundreds of crimes against humanity when they tortured and killed 256 innocent and defenseless children.

According to the report one 2-year-old Syrian girl was shot to death simply so she wouldn’t turn into a demonstrator against the state.

The agencies report comes at a time when international pressure has mounted against Syrian President Bashar Assad and just one day after the Arab League passed various sanctions demanding that Assad stop his regimes constant acts of violence against innocent civilians.

According the the UN Human Rights Council panel report the 256 child murders occurred in a very short span of time that occurred between mid-March and November 2011. The report found that in some cases the children were tortured to death. According to the panels findings:

Torture was applied equally to adults and children,” and “Numerous testimonies indicated that boys were subjected to sexual torture in places of detention in front of adult men.”

The United Nations isn’t the only world council asking that Syria end their reign of violence, various world organizations have made pleas to end the areas violence against citizens.