African American Grand Jury Members In Ferguson: Three Blacks Versus Nine Non-Blacks

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch claims African American men aren’t being killed with impunity, and says that African American people in the community need to make their voices heard as the news of Officer Darren Wilson’s non-indictment in the controversial case of Michael Brown breaks, reports ABC News.

Out of Clayton, Missouri, there is news about the heated Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury decision, and McCulloch read a detailed account of varying eyewitness accounts that have been placed in front of the grand jury. The Brown Family is disappointed by the decision, reports NBC.

McCulloch stated that Officer Wilson blocked Brown’s path after responding to a different call initially. An altercation took place with Officer Wilson still inside the vehicle and he gave chase. Mike Brown stopped and turned back and was fatally wounded. Within seconds of the final shot, the assist car arrived.

During the investigation, local and federal law enforcement officers interviewed many eyewitnesses, including at least one African American witness that claimed Brown rushed Wilson. All of the evidence was presented to the grand jury. The grand jurors themselves challenged the statements of all witnesses. Some witnesses adjusted part of their statements to fit the facts.

There was a tug of war between Mike Brown and Officer Wilson, said some of the witnesses. At least one witness said no part of Brown was inside the police vehicle, but his blood and DNA were on the interior of Officer Wilson’s car. The second bullet wasn’t recovered.

Three separate autopsies were conducted. The results of all three were consistent. Brown had a close range gunshot wound on his thumb. Some state that Officer Wilson shot while Brown ran away, while others state that Brown stopped near the corner of Canfield and Copper Creek – either with his hands raised or not.

Several witnesses stated that Brown raised his hands briefly, while others say he didn’t raise them at all. Some say Brown fully charged Officer Wilson. A total of 12 rounds were fired by Officer Wilson.

Mike Brown had wounds in his right bicep, upper right chest, top of the head, forehead and more, which were consistent with his body being bent forward. There was only one close range shot, and the shot to the top of the head was likely the fatal shot.

McCulloch could not give further details about the breakdown of the votes between the African American members of the grand jury versus other races. Wilson is in talks to tell his side of the story, reports the Inquisitr.